ZINE - a proper guide to a new year

finally: my very first, selfmade zine :)

and with that, happy new year to a fantastic 2022!

download here

made for paper size a4

please print it and follow the folding instructions behind this link

title page "a proper guide to a new year" version 2022.4 a circled 1, "get a drink of your choice and think about things you want to achieve", digital drawing of a paper with todo list, a pencil, a cup -steaming- with a frowning smiley face a circled 2 "collect all necessary supplies", drawing: two bags and cardbox with stylised amazon logo circled 3 "on the 1st of january start enthusiastically", drawing: lots of books, rubics cube, dumb bells, a calendar "jan" with x over first position circled 4 "on the 2nd... do it somewhat", drawing: the calendar has 2 x now, all the items are on the right side, maybe there are fewer books circled 5 "on the 3rd give up", drawing: the calendar has 3 x, more books are missing, so is the rubics cube, and a cobweb goes from the calendar to the remaining stuff finally "go back to what you did last year", drawing: a human-like figure is lying on a couch, feet up on the left, head resting on the right, scrolling on a mobile last page only "okay.lol"